Friday, May 11, 2012

The Ancient Nara, Japan

The first time I went to Nara was just last January, 2012 with my little brother. Less than one hour ride from Kyoto by train. It was cold winter back then still many tourist visit the park and having a picnic around the place. This spring I revisited the place for another adventure.
Nara is the first capital of Japan before Kyoto and Tokyo, built in 710 A.D and located in the Kansai Region near Osaka and Kyoto. Full of historical temples and known for its central park where lots of deer roam around freely. Some of them are wild and aggressive so be careful in showing food.

According to wikipedia, the Japanese deers are regarded as messengers of gods in the Shinto region.

Deer biscuits are widely sold all over the place.

Near the national museum and park is where you can found one of the famous Buddhist temple in Japan called Todaiji  meaning "Great Eastern Temple" which is the head temple of all the provincial Buddhist temple in the country. Another UNESCO World Heritage Site as an Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara.
Daibutsuden or the Great Buddha Hall is largest wooden structure in the world.

Todaiji's Main Hall.

 In this huge temple is the home of the largest bronze Buddha statue in Japan known as Daibutsu or Great Buddha which weighs 250 tons and stands 30 meters tall. The temple also possesses various cultural artifacts.
Rushana Nyorai, one of the largest bronze statue in the world.
 At the back of the statue, there is a lot of people around pillar where they let their "small" children squeeze through. They says that the hole is exactly the same size of the nostrils of the Buddha.  It is believe that if you crawl through this healing pillar you will have good health. Since I am small, I also wanted to squeeze but I was quite embarrassed so I let just let my little brother crawl and took a picture of him.
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