Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Toji Temple Flea Market

Every 21st of the month, Toji Temple host a huge outdoor market known as Kobo-san, named after the founder of the temple, Kobo Daishi who died on the 21st of March. From 9am - 4:30pm, stalls are set up and sells variety of items in the spacious ground of the temple. From antiques, pottery, plants, crafts, clothes likes used kimono, foods and even bicycles!

There are so many to choose from and each stall sells unique items from one to another at a good price. Some items can be negotiate to lower the price too. This flea market is not only popular to Japanese but also to foreigners where they can buy good souvenir items. Wasn't it nice to shop while sightseeing? 

The iconic, five-story pagoda of Toji temple
Toji literally means East Temple founded during the early Heian Period as a temple protector of the nation along its twin temple, Saiji or West Temple which stood on each side of Rasho-mon Gate, the gate to the Heian Capital. In the modern time, both Saiji and Rasho-mon Gate are destroyed and no longer exist.

The five-story pagoda of Toji temple is the tallest wooden tower in Japan which stands up to 180 feet. It is said that on the top of the pagoda you will be able to see the temple of  Golden Pavilion located at the northwest of Kyoto. In 1994, Toji is also on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

SPOTTED Maiko-san!

Maiko is a japanese word for the apprentice of geisha. I thought I was the only one amazed with the appearance of these lovely ladies but even Japanese people were glad to see them in public. It is very rare to catch a glimpse of a geisha or maiko nowadays so I feel so lucky to see them on this trip.

Other shots..

Flowers are on SALE.
The Kondo Hall or Main Hall

For a few minutes, these bussiness people bowed and pray.

Toji Temple is just a 15 minutes walk from the Kyoto Station and the admission fee to Kondo, Koudo and the Pagoda  is usually Y500. Some days in spring and autumn when there is a special opening of pagoda the fee is worth Y800.


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