Sunday, May 6, 2012

An Introduction

Recently, I find myself hook in reading stories online about travel and life which inspires me a lot so I decided to make one also. Why? All I want is write, express my thoughts, share my dreams, and tell the world my stories. Most of the time, I am alone and I don't have someone to talk to. What I do is write down my feelings, angs, sorrows, etc. and I feel relieve after releasing it in a piece of paper.
WTH I am? I am a small, little girl forever. FOREVER YOUNG!
Many people ask me if I wished to get tall, of course I do. But believe it or not, I am happy with what I am. I always feel blessed with everything that's happening in my life. And I thank God for that.
Life is a series of challenges and I accept every sufferings wholeheartedly for it has a purpose and its inevitable. Challenges make you discover things about yourself, help you grow as a better person and learn from our mistakes.

"I am not afraid to fail because failure is not an option." 
"Life is like a gamble. You can't win every game but if the chip is in your hands, You will always have hope."
- Cun Xin; Fated to Love You.
I am optimistic and happy-go-lucky person but I am also selfish and a self-centered one. That is how I always describe myself everytime someone ask me to. I am just like any other girls whose life is about fashion, love, party, make-up, boys, and a lot lot more.

I want to look beautiful not to impress others but for only myself.
Dress, shoes, cosmetics make the little girl's life revolve.
Dont you think so? Well, thats me.
I love to travel. TRAVEL IS MY PASSION. Whether it is inside the country or internationally. Eversince I was a child, it is my dream to see the world, the wonderful things that God created. So I start to save up and rid off all my vices.. slowly to make this dream come true. I promise to myself that I'll work hard to achieve my goals in life. And I'm glad to share the beautiful places I went to especially here in Asia. I love everything about Asia. The places, people, food, culture, traditions, religion.. EVERYTHING! This makes me so proud to be an Asian.

This is just the beginning..
There is more in my life and my journey. A long long way to go...
“Today is the first day of the rest of your life."
  - Anonymous
blogging with love,
xoxo. xiaree

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