Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Kyoto Aquarium

While I was watching TV, I saw the advertisement of the newest attraction in Kyoto called "Kyoto Aquarium" which opened last March 12, 2012. This large scale aquarium exhibits various  marine wildlife and offers interaction with the aquatic life. At the very next day, I check it out with my mom and my little brother since he doesn't have school and it's the last day of Golden Week, the longest vacation period in Japan. It is just one train ride from our home and 15 minutes walk from the Kyoto Station or you can take a bus to get there faster.

Since it is a holiday, I expected the number of people in the Umekoji Park where Kyoto Aquarium is located. We waited for less than an hour to get inside and pay for the entrance fee. An adult person's ticket cost 2000yen, student's ticket price ranges from 1000yen - 1500yen and for children ages 3 year's old and below is worth 600yen which is not bad.

Seals in a tubular pool.

Did you know that when a penguin finds his mate,
they stay together for the rest of their lives..

Of all the fishes in the world, I love stingrays.

In the Main Pool with 500 tons of water, the visitors have a closer look with the aquatic species. It has a 2nd floor where you can have enjoy the panoramic view of the aquarium.

 One of the main attraction is the performance of the dolphins in an open stadium, where you can see the greenery of the park, the Toji temple and even a bullet train running from the Kyoto Station. Dolphins swim rapidly and jump so high in the air. They show that the dolphins can make sounds and also communicate with the people.

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  1. Do you think this is comparable to the Ocean Park here in the Philippines?

    1. most of species in the Kyoto Aquarium are only found in Japan and the place is quite bigger than Ocean Park. i have been to Ocean Park once and sadly I was not able to explore the whole place because of those attractions with separate fees which i didnt expect and quite dissapointing.