Thursday, May 17, 2012

Daitoku-ji, The Zen Temple

While I was strolling in the northwest of Kyoto, I found this large Buddhist temple complex known as Daitoku-ji Temple also called as Ryuho-zan which means "dragon treasure mountain". Established in the year 1319 by Shoho Myocho, Daitokuji is one of the best place to experience the Zen culture architecture including gardens and tea ceremony rooms. Like many temples in Kyoto, the temple was burned down during the Onin war and rebuilt in the 15th century.


Map of Daitokuji Temple.
With 24 sub-temples, only 8 sub-temples are regularly open to the public and each temple charges an admission fee but the main precincts are absolutely free. There are also other temples which offers meditation class. In the compound, there are 2 high class Buddhist restaurant where visitors can dine while enjoying the temples.

Japanese Bamboo Trees
Among the sub-temples, Koto-in stand out for its beautiful maple trees and moss garden. The best time to go here is during autumn season in mid November when the maple leaves turned to red. Although, it is still spring, the greenery of the trees and the garden is very wonderful place to visit.

In the walls of Daitoku-ji.
 If you want to visit a very relaxing place in Kyoto, this is one of the place that I would recommend. There aren't much tourist coming along to this temple unlike the other destinations in Kyoto but still a must see for every traveler.



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