Saturday, May 19, 2012

Temple of Golden Pavilion

Yearly, almost 30 million tourist from all over the world visit the city of Kyoto for its magnificent temples, shrines, castles and gardens which have been preserved for many years. One of the most famous destination not only in Kyoto but in whole Japan is the Temple of the Golden Pavilion. I believe that your travel in Japan is not complete without visiting this place which should not be miss by every tourist in Japan.

As you enter the main gate, you cannot avoid the number of people wanted to get inside the temple grounds. Most of the visitors are elementary students in Japan having a school trip or a large group of foreigners which makes the place very crowded. But still, entering inside is very easy and organized. Admission fee is worth Y400. 
Golden Pavilion reflecting wonderfully in its pond.

Kinkaku or Golden Pavilion is a buddhist hall containing the relics of Buddha and part of the temple called Rokuon-ji. Listed on UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994 and an example of Muromachi Period Architecture. Gold leaf covers the upper floors of Kinkaku and a shining pheonix stands on its top.

Although I already saw it 7 years ago, I was still mesmerize by its beauty. Kinda shock that I took more than 60 shots of this temple from every angles. Really beautiful indeed.

 Can anyone could tell what is the name of this flower?

It took me a while to have a picture of it because of the large crowd around. Some of them really took a long time to shoot photos like me. Waiting for a couple of minutes is not a big matter for me. Thanks to the Chinese tourists who I asked to captured this photo. Peace!
A closer look at Kinkaku-ji.

The public is not allowed to go inside and may only view its impressive exterior.

The first level is called Temple of Dharma Water,  built in the shinden style of the 11th century imperial aristocracy. Statues of historical Buddha and Yoshimitsu are found inside which can be seen from across the pond as the front window of the first floor are usually open.

On the second level, Grotto of Wave Sounds or Towering Waves, is in bukke style of the samurai aristocracy and seated Kannon Bodhisattava surrounded by statues of the four heavenly kings.

At the top level or the Superb Apex is in Chinese Zen Hall Style where you can found images of 3 Amidas.

And on the roof of the pavilion is a bronze statue of pheonix that is also leafed in gold.

Behind the pavilion, there is a staircase where another small pond is situated called Anmintaku Pond. In its middle part, a stone pagoda known as Hakuja-zuka or a white snake mound was built. As I passed through, I saw some foreigners throwning coins at a bowl surrounded by many coins with a stone images of Jizo Buddhist.

A tourist guide said that people throw coins into the bowl for good luck. I wonder how much all the those coins on the ground. Hmmm..
Onigawara or a gargoyle on the roof of the priests' living quarters.

Fudo Hall
At the end of the route, Fudo-do is located. A small temple dedicated to Fudo Myoo, protector of Buddhism. Near the temple, there are soveneir shops, vending machines and a place where the visitors can rest after the tour.  Talisman and other lucky charms for different purposes are being sold here. Beside the temple, I found an omikuji (similar to fortune cookie but it is just a stip of paper) which is written in English, Korean and Chinese. What makes it more interesting is that it looks like a vending machine when you put the coin in the machine, the paper will pop out. They say that if the prediction is bad, one must attach it to a wall of metal wire along with the other bad fortunes. Luckily, it says..

How good your fortune is! Everything will go all right. Nothing to worry about. Work hard at any time. Do not give yourself up to drinking or illicit love.
blogging with so much joy,
lalalove, xiaree.


  1. ..and then i died of envy.
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  2. I love how peaceful everything seems to be! Excellent photos,too! I followed your blog, btw. :-) hope you'll follow back! :D

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